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CBForex® is a secure, Internet-based foreign exchange trading and transactions reporting system which allows users to initiate, approve, and report on all foreign exchange and foreign currency account (FCA) transactions from a single source.

Features and Benefits

Real-Time Pricing
  • CBForex provides real-time foreign exchange rates for spot, forward, time options including cross-currency trades.
  • All transactions can be initiated right from your desk, eliminating the need to phone the bank for wire payments.
Standard Instructions
  • CBForex allows users to maintain a database of standard payment instructions.
  • Multiple users in instructions per currency can be maintained and are accessible via a simple drop-down box.
Administration and Security
  • CBForex allows companies to specify the access level of each user. Companies can have discretion regarding users' trading limitations.
  • Multiple users in several locations can have different authority levels related to initiating, settling, and authorizing FX and FCA transactions.
  • CBForex utilizes state-of-the art security features, including 128-bit encryption.
  • Current and historical reporting functionality provide a complete snapshot of your company's foreign activity with Citizens Commercial Banking - for payments executed online or verbally with our foreign exchange trading desk.
  • Print instant PDF confirmations of your international payments.
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