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Your Online Home for Cash Management
accessMONEY Manager® is your integrated online solution for managing your cash flow and accessing timely and detailed account information. Get secure, direct access to your Citizens Commercial Banking services by navigating through a few basic screens. Initiate multiple payment types such as ACH transactions, domestic and international wire transfers, domestic draw-downs, and internal transfers, as well as make positive pay decisions. Access multi-bank, multi-currency account information - securely and at any time. Benefit from the extraordinary clarity and control of a personalized home page with alerts and messages, and favorite report links. And use an Image Module to view paid checks and returned deposited items.

accessMONEY Manager is as broad or targeted as you choose. The modular system delivers maximum flexibility - with bundled solutions and inclusive pricing, or specific "a la carte" functions. Your customizable home page provides an overview of accounts and activities whenever you enter the system. View standard reports, create custom-designed reports, and access both prior and current day account information. Get 24/7, "anywhere" access to reporting, images and payments. And, as an administrator, set important levels of control and parameters, specifying who can use the system and what they're allowed to do.

accessMONEY Manager is a great way to:
  • Access customizable reporting
  • Streamline payables
  • Expedite reconciliation and receivables
  • Conveniently access payment and deposit features
  • Experience the advantages of mobile banking
  • Administrate effectively and securely
  • Access user-specific tools and entitlements
  • Benefit from flexible Help Resources
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