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StuckyNet-Link (SNL.NET), Citizens Commercial Banking's Asset-Based Lending application, provides clients the opportunity to view collateral, loan and availability positions online. SNL.NET also allows clients to update collateral information, submit supporting documentation and view interest statements. With SNL.NET, clients can:
  • Access their loan and collateral ledgers, ineligibles, and loan status report.
  • Access their loan information 24/7.
  • Send their documentation and information electronically and easily retrieve this information at a later date.
  • Complete a borrowing base posting and attach backup (invoice and collection registers) online, allowing for easier and more timely processing.

SNL accepts all types of electronic documents. Information is sent securely via the internet.

Contact Us: If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Matt Rodrigues of Citizen's Commercial Asset-Based Lending Operations team at 401-282-4806.
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