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accessDEPOSIT provides a quick and convenient way to deposit checks with your personal computer using a certified check scanner or with your mobile device.

accessESCROW is an online portal for maintaining oversight and control over the escrow accounts you manage.

accessLIQUIDITY provides a comprehensive view of your company's liquidity positions with detailed, point-in-time information. The dashboard allows you to perform market research to help make well-informed decisions and execute trades, at your convenience, without having to consult a banker.

accessLOCKBOX service provides a country-wide collection system expediting deposits and increasing your access to funds.

accessMONEY Manager®
accessMONEY Manager is a Web-based information reporting and transaction initiation platform designed to deliver a comprehensive picture of your cash position, along with the necessary tools to manage cash flow effectively.

accessOPTIMA is Citizen's digital treasury management platform offering a single, customizable and mobile-friendly experience through real-time reporting functions, integrated payment workflows, self-service capabilities, live customer support and cyber security controls to help mitigate fraud.

ACHieve Access®
ACHieve Access provides a robust online payments, balance and transaction reporting platform to provide a range of cash management services in a single, web-based solution, empowering you to quickly and easily access global cash flows and execute transactions.

Retail Lockbox
Retail Lockbox is a safe and efficient way to remove the routine depositing function from your office and place it with experienced specialists.

SweepNet allows you to view the activities of your subsidiary accounts in a Zero Balance Account (ZBA) structure as if they were not ZBAs.

Transmission service provides a secure, fast and reliable delivery channel to send and receive highly confidential customer and financial data.

Wholesale Lockbox
Network Wholesale Lockbox services provide a country-wide collection system expediting deposits and increasing your access to funds.

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