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accessLOCKBOX® advances technology to give you customized tools and automated processes for managing incoming payments across a wide network - in a smart, flexible and streamlined way. Designed to support your working capital needs by increasing the velocity of cash application and information used to manage your business.

Features and Benefits

  • Expedite your remittance mail to the optimum lockbox site for your receivables by using an assigned P.O. Box in any of five key cities in our network, including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh.
  • Quickly collect, process and deposit incoming remittance payments, and automaticlly update your accounts receivables systems.
  • Gain immediate visibility and control upon portal login. A customizable dashboard allows you to work seamlessly according to your preferences, processes and systems.
  • Receive intraday images to stay current with account activity and improve cash forecasting and decision making.
  • Gain easy access to data with various archive options.

Clients who purchased the Network Wholesale Lockbox (sunsetted product) 7 year extended archive service can continue to link to images from December 2014 and earlier from Wholesale Lockbox reports.

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